Since 1984, Aqua-Aid Systems has earned a reputation of solving water quality problems for residential, commercial and small municipal water systems.

Initially created to serve the needs of Cushing & Sons customers, Aqua-Aid Systems serves the water treat needs of all customers, regardless of the age of the well or whoever installed it. We work on drilled, dug and point wells, as well as municipal water sources.

We offer products from a number of manufacturers, with Hellenbrand, REPCO, and Pentair being our main offerings. Our people are factory trained for the products usa.png and we work on just about any brand of water filtration equipment.

Hellenbrand and REPCO are USA manufactured, are of high quality, and designed for decades of service life.


Problems in water we can correct include: iron (brown stains), manganese (rotten egg small and black stains), hardness (causes plugged up hot water heaters and skin irritation), low pH (blue stains, rotting of pipes & fixtures), sediment removal, radon remediation, uranium remediation, chlorine removal, bacteria removal (UV light), and many other items.

We offer on site no-charge estimates for systems. And provide installation services, maintenance and home delivery of regeneration salt and supplies.

What's in your water?

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