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Reddish/brown staining in toilets, sinks and tubs is the common sign of high iron levels. Most noticeable is the taste of iron.

Hellenbrand products feature the most modern methods of iron filtration to reduce the staining, improve the taste and reduce deposits in piping. We can handle even the toughest jobs of iron removal.

Hellenbrand's IronCurtain™ is a chemical-free system for eliminating rust stains and other problems caused by the presence of iron, sulfur and black manganese in your water system.

IronCurtain™ units feature salt-free equipment for iron removal.

Calcium, Lime and Manganese Deposits

Water commonly comes out of the bedrock. This water dissolves the rock minerals and deposits them in the piping and fixtures. Deposits can reduce flow rates and appliance life expectancy. White spots on glass, black staining in toilet bowls, reduced water pressure in on-demand water heating systems are common symptoms.

Hellenbrand's ProMate 6® Premium Water Softening System is one of the most efficient ways to condition your home's water. We have a system that fits every household's water needs, including systems ideal for large families with high water consumption needs. These units provide a continuous supply of soft water 24/7.

Copper and Lead

Blue staining is a sign that your water may have a pH problem and the pipes, valves and fixtures are literally dissolving. The lead is commonly from solder or from older copper/lead piping. With the advent of low-lead and no-lead plumbing products, dissolving is accelerated. Treating the water will reduce future maintenance costs and make the water much safer to use.

Hellenbrand's Automatic pH Neutralizer reduces or eliminates blue green staining—typical signs of acidic water. These systems are designed to handle your whole house water system.

Foul Tastes and Odors from Sulfur

We carry many different filters to reduce or eliminate smells and tastes. Common problems are sulfur (rotten egg smell) caused by hydrogen sulfide gas. 

Hellenbrand's ProMate 6® is designed to remove tastes, odors and dissolved organic chemical compounds from water supplies. This versitile system has the capacity to treat your entire home's water supply.

Iron Bacteria

Iron bacteria is an increasingly common water quality issue for wells within New Hampshire  and the surrounding states. These bacteria can often produce unpleasant tastes and odors frequently described as "swampy," "oily," or "musty." While iron bacteria in wells has not been linked to health problems, they can reduce well's yield, and result in increased energy costs, by clogging screens and pipes.

Hellenbrand's Iron Curtain™ Blaster™ is a low maintenance, chemical-free, iron removal system that uses the natural power of ozone to remove iron bacteria. Ozone is a much stronger oxidizer than chlorine and it is much faster acting.


Radon is a clear, colorless, odorless, tasteless gas produced by the natural radioactive breakdown of uranium underground. This gas can accumulate in any underground watersource (such as a well). The EPA has identified radon gas as a carcinogen.

Bubble-Up® products from REPCO are compact, quiet and highly effective in removing potentially harmful radon from water systems. These products are manufactured right here in New Hampshire.

Chlorine & VOCs

Many municipal water systems introduce chlorine into the water in order to control the spread of harmful bacteria. Chlorine tastes and odors are a common problem for many people using a municipal water supply. 

Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) frequently find their way into ground water (such as wells). These chemicals include gasoline, motor oil and MtBE which has been an espcially big problem here in central New England. The NH Dept. of Enviornmental Services has a fact sheet  about VOCs common in our region.

Hellenbrand's ProMate 6® with carbon filtration media removes both chlorine and VOCs, such as MtBE and industrial solvents, from water supplies.


Although municipalities commonly add chlorine to their water supplies to kill bacteria, viruses, chlorine-resistant parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, and harmful bacteria like E. Coli may still be problematic. 

The Hellenbrand UVMAX® uses ultra-violet light to inactivate chlorine-resistant organisms. For many waterborne contaminents, ultra-violet technology is more effective than adding chemicals to the water, and it has the added benefit of not altering the water's taste. These cost-effective units use as much electricity as a 40 Watt light bulb.


Arsenic is odorless, colorless and tasteless. It has been shown to have serious health risks (including cancers) and is estimated to be present in over 1 Million US wells. A June 2014 US Geological Survey report estimates over 50,000 residents in southeastern NH alone could be drinking elevated levels of arsenic.

REPCO's npXtra™ POE Arsenic Reduction System safely reduces arsenic levels by binding the arsenic molecules to an iron oxide resin. Binding the arsenic to a solid material means there is no arsenic backwash into your home's septic system (which could lead to arsenic finding its way back to your groundwater supply).
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